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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - Erotic fiction - EdenFantasys

I love to read, and this is no different. This series of books have captivated me and drawn me in. They are definitely worth the read.


Confessing... by day... and by night

By day, I am a hardworking woman in a professional job. By night, I have the wants and desires of the "alternate" lifestyle.

I work hard and dress the part during the day, and around my family.

But when work is over and I am home, my mind turns to another side of life.

I enjoy shopping lingerie and toy catalogs. I like to shop adult stores and adult catalogs.

I am learning that this side is not a bad side. For me, it's just a side that not many know. I keep my lives separate, as not many people would understand how I feel.

I like to write about passion and erotica. I like to imagine alternate activities, such as light bondage and spanking. I imagine being restrained and preyed upon.

I like to imagine more out of life.

Handcuffs, collars, spankings...

Is there something wrong with BDSM - nothing too hardcore, just exciting.

Spanking excites me - turns me on - makes me moan and howl. I never imagined that being spanked would make me horny. Just the thought is heating me up right now.

I play with toys and enjoy how it feels when I am wet and hungry. If only you were there to help me.


Is it wrong that I want you to back me up against the wall and kiss me with the hunger of an animal? Do you want to? Do you want to feel my naked chest against your hot, sweaty flesh?

Thinking about you

(photo courtesy of photobucket)

Friskiness for us

Together, we are curled up on the couch, watching a movie and having some wine. It’s been a long day for both of us and we are finally taking some quiet time for us. It’s so nice and peaceful. I’m sitting between your legs, resting back against your bare chest. You wrap your arms around me and hold me close. I can tell that the wine is making you a little frisky. Your hands start roaming and touching. I can feel your hot breath on my neck as I suddenly feel you trace the edge of my ear with your warm tongue. I let out a giggle because it tickles and you catch me off guard. You slide your hands under my pj shirt and I feel you start to move your hands up my body. I try to get up and you grab me tighter. Let me go grab the other bottle of wine, I tell you, with a smile, as you let me crawl to the end of the couch. I let out a squeak as you pinch my ass, as I try to move from your lap. I stumble as I try to get to the floor and get to my feet. You playfully lunge for me and I dodge out of your grasp, flashing you a smile that seemed to say You missed me. Both of us laughing, I disappear into the kitchen, to get another bottle of wine. I toke a few moments to clean up the counter before pulling the bottle from the rack and then trying to find the cork screw that seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I can hear the movie in the livingroom, but don’t hear anything else, so I am suddenly very surprised when you come up behind me and pin me against the edge of the counter. Maybe we don’t need more wine – you are playful enough – and it’s fun. I can feel your body pressing against mine, as you pin me against the cool tile countertop. I can feel your legs against mine as your body seems to long to join mine. I grow weak in your arms as I feel your lips on my neck, kissing me, tasting me, as I feel your sword dancing against my backside. You lift my pjs up and over my head, leaving me standing against the counter, wearing just my satin panties. You toss my top to the floor and reach your strong hands around me, kissing my shoulder, as you kiss my shoulders. I close my eyes as you take me from here. Your teeth suddenly dive into my neck and grab my flesh. I let out a squeak, like an animal being taken as prey. Your arms wrap around me and you take my breasts in your strong warm hands and begin to fondle me. With my eyes closed, I moan softly as I let you touch me, massage me, caress me, and then you take my hardened nipples in your fingers and start to play a little rougher. You take them in your fingers and pinch them, rolling them, tugging on them, causing me to let out a couple more squeaks. I feel you run your tongue up my neck to my ear. Your teeth tug on my earlobe as you whisper, I am ready to explode and I am going to fuck you right here and now. I turn my face to see you and we kiss passionately. Your body continues to press firmly against mine as I feel your heart racing and your hunger feeding on my sexual energy. You bend me over the counter and pull down my panties, kneeling behind me, as you assist me in stepping out of the them. You instruct me on widening my stance and I suddenly feel your fingers against me. You are touching me and rubbing me, petting me, teasing me, I gasp quietly, as I feel you let your fingers tuck inside my warmth. I am speechless as your hands rest on my hips and I feel your hot breath on my swollen lips. The feeling of your tongue caressing me sweet spot causes me to arch my back and raise my ass slightly. I remain draped over the tile countertop as you take me even further.

I have missed you, but you are here...

It felt so nice last night, to have you come to visit. The feel of your body against mine, the feel of your hands touching me, the feel of the excitement we shared. I missed you so much.

Light seems to seep in, from behind the curtains. I don't know what time it is, but you are still beside me, your arm across my stomach, your breathing soft and calm.

I turn slightly, so I can see more of you, watching you sleep, as I just take you in. The way you lay there, so sound. Your soft lips, parted slightly. Your eyes closed in sleep, surrounded by your beautiful lashes. I slowly reach up and have to touch your cheek. Your skin feels so soft and is so warm. I feel you against my fingertips. I don't want to move too fast or hard. I want you to sleep, I want you to dream. It's been so long and I love having you here with me. I don't want you to go... not right now. Do you have any idea how much I have missed you? I have laid here at night, alone, curled up under the covers, wondering where you were.

But you're here now... you made me feel so nice last night. You made me feel so good.

I want to let you sleep, I want you to rest, but there is a part of me... deep inside... that wants to repay you for last night... that wants to make you feel the energy I felt last night. Right now, the power is in my hands, as you lay beside me, sleeping. I keep watching you, taking in your features, thinking about how you kissed me, how your hands touched me, how you played with my kitty, how you fed and were fed.

I reach under the covers and find that I am moist, damp with anticipation. I close my eyes and touch myself. So warm, so hungry.

No, I can't keep it in, I need you and I want you so bad. I move in closer and place soft kisses on your bare chest. My kisses move down your body, to your belly, to your sword. I let my fingers trace your body, touching your skin, feeling your warmth. I can smell your body as I move my face closer. I let my tongue make a quick path down the front of your cock, which causes you to suddenly stand at attention, liking the attention. I carefully wrap my fingers around you and let my tongue trace the swollen tip of what I was holding in my hand. I hear you moan softly, as I feel your hand on my back, your other hand reaches out and grabs the sheets, as if to hold onto the control.

I don't let it phase me, I continue to caress you, fondling you, loving you. I tuck your head into my mouth and close my lips around you, as my hand softly rubs you, up and down. Your moaning increases as the hand on my back moves down to my ass, where you grab my tightly in your strong hand, making me let out a moan.

I suck you softly, teasing you, making you hot, making you want to play.

Do you like to wake up this way? Does it make you hot and horny to wake up with your cock in my mouth?

I move slightly, for a better angle, as angle so I can take you in. You take my hips in your hands and help me. You pull my body on top of yours so I am kneeling over you as I play with you.

Your strong hands hold my hips as I move my lips along your swollen cock, sliding you deep into the back of my throat. You let out a moan, as your sword dances in excitement, wanting the attention, wanting more.

I work diligently on your piece as your hands grab my hips and I suddenly feel you pull me down to you. In one swift motion, you have me down on you, holding me against you, your face buried deep in my pussy, your teeth grabbing at me like a wild animal, your tongue searching and thrusting, wanting to fuck me hard. Your hands grip me tighter and hold me still as you suddenly grab my clit in your teeth and tug... hard... I let out a squeel. You don't stop, you pull me back down onto you and force your tongue into me over and over.

Oh yes, I want this, I tighten my fingers around your cock and stroke you, harder and faster, as I let my tongue lick you and taste you. I see the wetness appearing. I move faster and harder. Can I make you cum? You are so hard and hot. I slide my mouth over you and take you tight in my lips. I start to ride you, up and down your shaft, sliding you deep into my throat. I brace my hands as I fuck you with my mouth, up and down, faster and harder. Cum baby, cum for me. Fill my mouth with your hot sex. You start to dance under me. I can hear you moan. I keep moving, faster, deeper, harder, as you move faster too. Oh yes, you are gonna cum. You are ready to explode, I can taste your excitement. Suddenly you let out a moan from deep inside my pussy, pulling your face deeper into me, as your hips start to thrust, over and over. I swallow fast and hard as you fuck me, you fill me, your cum exploding into my mouth, as you continue to moan. Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, does this feel good for you?



As I scan the images, I can feel my body longing for you. I want you so bad. I want the touch, the feel, the caress, the pleasure.
Baby, I want you.

I want you

It has been so long since I have felt your warm breath on my body.
I wish you were here with me right now, holding me close, making me sweat.
I want to feel your breath, your hands, your body, your mouth.
I want this all.
It has been so long that I am longing for you.

What do you think of?

When you look at this photo, what do you think of? 

You would like to know...

"What books sit on your side table? I want to know you better. You are sometimes to much of the passion in my life." you ask...
I love your curiosity. I look forward to your words and how they make me feel. Your words touch my senses, my heart jumps, my body yearns, as I feel your strong hands on my skin, your arms around me, your lips pressed against mine...
I am currently reading The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice). I enjoy romance and absorbing the words on the page, imaging the touch and the feel, imaging the scent in the air, the warmth, the tenderness. These words fill my mind, yet my body craves for more, yearning, wanting....
You, too, are the passion in my life. Your words fill me and I take you with me. You become part of my word and I want to share more with you. You bring out a side of me that sits quietly in the shadows, watching, wanting, missing...
I want to make you feel things that you can't imagine. I want to make you feel excited and energized. I want to make you relaxed and happy. I want to hold you close, my arms around you, your head resting on my stomach as I let my fingers caress your soft skin. You are finally at rest, so tired. You seem to be comfortable, as I hold you close and let you relax. I don't need anything, just to see you smile. Your arm is draped across my waist as I watch you eyes get heavy and slowly close. That's okay sweetheart, I enjoy this, holding you, protecting you, as you lay there, not a care in the world.

Yes (imported)

I can feel your hand on my thigh, as your fingers move along my leg. You send goosebumps up my spine as I need to catch my breath. I close my eyes and concentrate on your hand.
I uncross my legs as your strong fingers touch my bare thigh. I can tell that you like the feeling.
I lean over and and touch your cheek with my hand, turning your face as I slowly move my face to yours, softly pressing my lips to yours. It seems instantaneous as the kiss becomes a passionate exchange. Your hand squeezes my thigh as you kiss me back. My hand touches your face as you reach up and support my neck as you kiss me... I mean REALLY kiss me.
It's been so long and I want you so bad... right now baby...

Thunder and Lightening is Sexy (imported)

I lay in bed, suddenly woken by the loud crack of thunder. The windows are open and I can hear the rain falling.
There is something sexy about the sound of a spring thunderstorm. I lay there in the darkness, feeling the cool breeze blowing through my windows, blanketing over me.
The rumble of the thunder and then the sky lighting up with the crisp lightening.
I lay there, wanting you next to me, to curl up with, to share this with.

Thoughts of You (imported)

As I relaxed tonight, you were on my mind.

I poured myself a glass of wine and went to my room. I slowly rolled off my nylons and put them aside. Slowly I let my skirt fall to the floor. I pull my top over my head. I stand before my full-length mirror as I stand in my lingerie. There is a candle burning beside me as I stand in the dimness, looking at my body.

Thunder and Rain (imported)

I lay here, the sound of thunder and the summer rain. You are here beside me, holding me close, as we enjoy our bodies embraced. Thank you for being here for me.

Aching To Feel You

This is an except from my previous site. I am slowly moving over.  Welcome to my new home.

It seems like forever when our jobs and lives take us in so many directions.
I check in to see if you have come to visit. My heart does somersaults when I notice you have. I think about you and wonder how you are.
Today is Valentine's Day and I am thinking about you. I wonder what you are doing today and if you are spending this "hallmark holiday" with someone special. As for me, I am here, behind my keyboard... just another day.
I read your words and close my eyes. I can smell your scent and feel your warmth, as you are next to me.  I feel your warm breath on my skin, as you move closer. Your strong hand touches my stomach and I jump slightly, catching my breath. You tell me to relax and enjoy. I take a deep breath as I feel your lips press against mine. Your kiss covers me and your warm breath fills me. I let you take me from there. I am yours. Your hand touches my stomach and then you let your fingers move lightly over my skin.
I feel you move closer as you drape one leg over me, pressing your bare chest against my body, your fingers running through my hair as your kisses continue.
I reach up and rest my hands on your waist, as you lower your body against mine. Your kisses seem to increase in passion, as your body lays down over mine.
I am under your spell, as you kiss me. I can feel your heart beating fast as we kiss. I cannot move, I just accept this and, to be honest, don't want this to stop... I can feel the package you have tucked inside your blue jeans pressing for an escape. My body starts to yearn, feeling your firmness.
We both want this - we want this so bad - our bodies are fighting a hunger and want to explode.
I can feel a soft sweat on my chest moisturizing my own body.
Yes my love, I want to satisfy this hunger. Will you feed me?