I went shopping. Yes, shopping. What did you expect from a woman? I went to one of those lingerie shops... and spent some money.

I come home and rush through the door, past you on the couch, and take my bags into the bedroom.
In  only moments, I hear you coming down the hall and to the room where I have bags strewn all over the bed.

"No hello or kiss?" you ask, standing in the doorway, with a frown on your face.

"I'm sorry" I say, coming up to you and sliding my arms around your waist, pulling us close and giving you a tender kiss. You respond by taking my head in your hands and turning the tender kiss into a sensual exchange.

"So, you went shopping, didn't you?" you say, with a wondering look on your face, as I see your eyes glance at the bags on the bed and then back to me.

"What makes you think that?" I say, with a smirk, tightening my arms around you.

"Well... the bags, the smirk... and probably the credit card bill that will be in the mail shortly," you say, with a smile and a chuckle.

"Fine... yes.... I shopped..." I admit, "but you need to go out until I can change into what I bought, so I can show you." With that, I carefully back you out of the bedroom and close the door.

All I can hear, through the door, is "okay... I guess I will just wait out here until you are ready to show me" before I hear you stomping off to the livingroom, like a little kid.

I wait until you are gone before going over to the bed and grabbing the bags of new treasures.


Little things I like

I long for your touch and how you make me feel.

Your take me in your arms and pull me close. As we come together, you cover my mouth with yours and I melt in your touch. As your hot breath surges deep inside me, I slide my arms around you and hold us close.

I feel your hands slide down my back and stop to rest on my ass. I can feel your warm hands through the fabric of my yoga pants.

We stand together, our bodies pressed together, as our mouths remained joined. Your hands grab me tighter and pull me firmly to you. I can feel your body starting to long hungrily. 


Longing for you

It's been so long since that first chance encounter. I will never forgot how our paths initially were heading to the same destination, but there was a slight bend in the road. For a length of time, our paths did not cross, only pass by and run parallel. The two of us were from different worlds, but we shared so many of the same desires.

Once our paths crossed, we knew it was meant to be.

The first night we shared, you took me in your arms and held me tight. You kissed me with a passion that I never knew I could feel... Or that I would feel. For so long, I have been alone, not so much as a touch, let alone a kiss fueled with fire.

I remember walking into the room and how you pulled me close, wrapping your strong arms around me and holding me tight. 

The feel of your lips on mine made me melt. I couldn't help but let myself become one with you, as your hands caressed me and your hit breath surged deep into me.

I felt weak in the knees, unable to hold myself up, under your strong touch...


Lost and alone

I have been away and I miss you.

I wish I knew where you were.



I know it's been forever since we have been here. It seems like an eternity since our last touch. My life has taken some twists and turns that have left me struggling to find my identity and my path.

The last few days have been filled with rain, thunder, and lightening. I still enjoy those things. I think about you... And about us... As the rain pours down and the thunder rumbles. I feel your strong arms around me, holding me close, as the thunder rolls above us. You hold me safe as the sound of the rain, combined with your soft breathing, and rhythm heartbeat bring me to my safe haven.

I miss being with you and I miss you.

Have you left me, or are you still here for me?

My love..........


Thoughts of you

You are in my mind... and on my mind.
I close my eyes as I lay down at night and think about you.
The way you smile at me and the way you hold my hand.
I can't help but miss the way you smell when I am close to you, or the sound of your heartbeat as I lay curled up in your arms, my head on your chest.
I can't help but think about all the things we have and things we share.
Your quiet voice and the steadiness of the words you speak to me.
Your hands are strong and warm to the touch, as you caress my skin and send goosebumps over my body.
The tenderness of your kisses as your lips caress mine, and the warmth of your breath as your lips move down my neck, softly, slowly, kissing me.
I miss you right now, you are on my mind.
I miss you so much.



I sit here and think about you.

I close my eyes and long for your touch. I feel your fingers run down arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. I then feel as you take my hand, entwining your fingers with mine.

You told me you had a surprise...