Here I lay. Drinking wine. Feeling lost and alone. I am missing you. I am sad and lonely. I need to feel your touch and your warmth. I want to feel the tenderness of your kiss. The passion. The sensuality. I miss you. Everyday. Every moment. You have no idea how much I miss you. Please cum to me my sweetheart.


Should be honored

I should be here more often... and honored. I am now able to write and review for Eden fantasys. Too had my schedule has not allowed me to pursue this.
I miss being here and having the time to write. I will make time... soon... after my class final... after the next step in pursing my heart
I will be back soon.


Soooo slacking

I have been invited to blog for.Eden Fantasys and I have been so slacking. My world has turned upside down and I get turn over
Trying with struggle. Should honor this bur suddenly overwhelmed with reality.
Gotta get a grip and enjoy life... seize the moment!