I went shopping. Yes, shopping. What did you expect from a woman? I went to one of those lingerie shops... and spent some money.

I come home and rush through the door, past you on the couch, and take my bags into the bedroom.
In  only moments, I hear you coming down the hall and to the room where I have bags strewn all over the bed.

"No hello or kiss?" you ask, standing in the doorway, with a frown on your face.

"I'm sorry" I say, coming up to you and sliding my arms around your waist, pulling us close and giving you a tender kiss. You respond by taking my head in your hands and turning the tender kiss into a sensual exchange.

"So, you went shopping, didn't you?" you say, with a wondering look on your face, as I see your eyes glance at the bags on the bed and then back to me.

"What makes you think that?" I say, with a smirk, tightening my arms around you.

"Well... the bags, the smirk... and probably the credit card bill that will be in the mail shortly," you say, with a smile and a chuckle.

"Fine... yes.... I shopped..." I admit, "but you need to go out until I can change into what I bought, so I can show you." With that, I carefully back you out of the bedroom and close the door.

All I can hear, through the door, is "okay... I guess I will just wait out here until you are ready to show me" before I hear you stomping off to the livingroom, like a little kid.

I wait until you are gone before going over to the bed and grabbing the bags of new treasures.