Another day

I come home from work and it has been a long day. You already know that because you heard it in my voice when you called me during the day.
"My day sucked" I stressed, almost on the verge of tears.
"You'll be okay," you tell me, in a soothing voice. "I will see you when you get home."
I hang up the phone and take a few moments to gather my thoughts.
I finish my day and head to the car. I get settled and on the road, when I start to cry. I don't know why, but the tears seem to stream down my face, without reason.
I pull in the drive and walk into the house.
You meet me at the door, handing me a single red rose, making me crack a small smile. "dinner is in the oven," you tell me. "I have a hot bubble bath run for you, with a glass of wine."  I just stare at him, almost as if this is was all surreal. "Go relax," you whisper, giving me a gentle kiss and turning me in the direction of our large bathroom, just off the master bedroom.
I head into the bathroom, let my clothes fall to the floor, and slowly step into the tub. The hot water surrounds me as I lower myself into the bubbles. There are candles lit around the room, and a glass of red wine waiting for me. I smile to myself, as I take a sip of the wine and then let my body slide deep inside the water.

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