Aching To Feel You

This is an except from my previous site. I am slowly moving over.  Welcome to my new home.

It seems like forever when our jobs and lives take us in so many directions.
I check in to see if you have come to visit. My heart does somersaults when I notice you have. I think about you and wonder how you are.
Today is Valentine's Day and I am thinking about you. I wonder what you are doing today and if you are spending this "hallmark holiday" with someone special. As for me, I am here, behind my keyboard... just another day.
I read your words and close my eyes. I can smell your scent and feel your warmth, as you are next to me.  I feel your warm breath on my skin, as you move closer. Your strong hand touches my stomach and I jump slightly, catching my breath. You tell me to relax and enjoy. I take a deep breath as I feel your lips press against mine. Your kiss covers me and your warm breath fills me. I let you take me from there. I am yours. Your hand touches my stomach and then you let your fingers move lightly over my skin.
I feel you move closer as you drape one leg over me, pressing your bare chest against my body, your fingers running through my hair as your kisses continue.
I reach up and rest my hands on your waist, as you lower your body against mine. Your kisses seem to increase in passion, as your body lays down over mine.
I am under your spell, as you kiss me. I can feel your heart beating fast as we kiss. I cannot move, I just accept this and, to be honest, don't want this to stop... I can feel the package you have tucked inside your blue jeans pressing for an escape. My body starts to yearn, feeling your firmness.
We both want this - we want this so bad - our bodies are fighting a hunger and want to explode.
I can feel a soft sweat on my chest moisturizing my own body.
Yes my love, I want to satisfy this hunger. Will you feed me?

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