Confessing... by day... and by night

By day, I am a hardworking woman in a professional job. By night, I have the wants and desires of the "alternate" lifestyle.

I work hard and dress the part during the day, and around my family.

But when work is over and I am home, my mind turns to another side of life.

I enjoy shopping lingerie and toy catalogs. I like to shop adult stores and adult catalogs.

I am learning that this side is not a bad side. For me, it's just a side that not many know. I keep my lives separate, as not many people would understand how I feel.

I like to write about passion and erotica. I like to imagine alternate activities, such as light bondage and spanking. I imagine being restrained and preyed upon.

I like to imagine more out of life.

Handcuffs, collars, spankings...

Is there something wrong with BDSM - nothing too hardcore, just exciting.

Spanking excites me - turns me on - makes me moan and howl. I never imagined that being spanked would make me horny. Just the thought is heating me up right now.

I play with toys and enjoy how it feels when I am wet and hungry. If only you were there to help me.

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