Friskiness for us

Together, we are curled up on the couch, watching a movie and having some wine. It’s been a long day for both of us and we are finally taking some quiet time for us. It’s so nice and peaceful. I’m sitting between your legs, resting back against your bare chest. You wrap your arms around me and hold me close. I can tell that the wine is making you a little frisky. Your hands start roaming and touching. I can feel your hot breath on my neck as I suddenly feel you trace the edge of my ear with your warm tongue. I let out a giggle because it tickles and you catch me off guard. You slide your hands under my pj shirt and I feel you start to move your hands up my body. I try to get up and you grab me tighter. Let me go grab the other bottle of wine, I tell you, with a smile, as you let me crawl to the end of the couch. I let out a squeak as you pinch my ass, as I try to move from your lap. I stumble as I try to get to the floor and get to my feet. You playfully lunge for me and I dodge out of your grasp, flashing you a smile that seemed to say You missed me. Both of us laughing, I disappear into the kitchen, to get another bottle of wine. I toke a few moments to clean up the counter before pulling the bottle from the rack and then trying to find the cork screw that seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I can hear the movie in the livingroom, but don’t hear anything else, so I am suddenly very surprised when you come up behind me and pin me against the edge of the counter. Maybe we don’t need more wine – you are playful enough – and it’s fun. I can feel your body pressing against mine, as you pin me against the cool tile countertop. I can feel your legs against mine as your body seems to long to join mine. I grow weak in your arms as I feel your lips on my neck, kissing me, tasting me, as I feel your sword dancing against my backside. You lift my pjs up and over my head, leaving me standing against the counter, wearing just my satin panties. You toss my top to the floor and reach your strong hands around me, kissing my shoulder, as you kiss my shoulders. I close my eyes as you take me from here. Your teeth suddenly dive into my neck and grab my flesh. I let out a squeak, like an animal being taken as prey. Your arms wrap around me and you take my breasts in your strong warm hands and begin to fondle me. With my eyes closed, I moan softly as I let you touch me, massage me, caress me, and then you take my hardened nipples in your fingers and start to play a little rougher. You take them in your fingers and pinch them, rolling them, tugging on them, causing me to let out a couple more squeaks. I feel you run your tongue up my neck to my ear. Your teeth tug on my earlobe as you whisper, I am ready to explode and I am going to fuck you right here and now. I turn my face to see you and we kiss passionately. Your body continues to press firmly against mine as I feel your heart racing and your hunger feeding on my sexual energy. You bend me over the counter and pull down my panties, kneeling behind me, as you assist me in stepping out of the them. You instruct me on widening my stance and I suddenly feel your fingers against me. You are touching me and rubbing me, petting me, teasing me, I gasp quietly, as I feel you let your fingers tuck inside my warmth. I am speechless as your hands rest on my hips and I feel your hot breath on my swollen lips. The feeling of your tongue caressing me sweet spot causes me to arch my back and raise my ass slightly. I remain draped over the tile countertop as you take me even further.

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