Longing for you

It's been so long since that first chance encounter. I will never forgot how our paths initially were heading to the same destination, but there was a slight bend in the road. For a length of time, our paths did not cross, only pass by and run parallel. The two of us were from different worlds, but we shared so many of the same desires.

Once our paths crossed, we knew it was meant to be.

The first night we shared, you took me in your arms and held me tight. You kissed me with a passion that I never knew I could feel... Or that I would feel. For so long, I have been alone, not so much as a touch, let alone a kiss fueled with fire.

I remember walking into the room and how you pulled me close, wrapping your strong arms around me and holding me tight. 

The feel of your lips on mine made me melt. I couldn't help but let myself become one with you, as your hands caressed me and your hit breath surged deep into me.

I felt weak in the knees, unable to hold myself up, under your strong touch...