Thoughts of you

You are in my mind... and on my mind.
I close my eyes as I lay down at night and think about you.
The way you smile at me and the way you hold my hand.
I can't help but miss the way you smell when I am close to you, or the sound of your heartbeat as I lay curled up in your arms, my head on your chest.
I can't help but think about all the things we have and things we share.
Your quiet voice and the steadiness of the words you speak to me.
Your hands are strong and warm to the touch, as you caress my skin and send goosebumps over my body.
The tenderness of your kisses as your lips caress mine, and the warmth of your breath as your lips move down my neck, softly, slowly, kissing me.
I miss you right now, you are on my mind.
I miss you so much.


  1. The contours of you glide through my evening dreams...i miss your touch.

  2. We dance. Even the momentary touch of your body sends delightful shocks through me. I don't know if you ease into me on purpose of if it is just the cadence of the music. I don't look at you as I am surrounded by your sent. I imagine everything we are wearing disappearing in an instant. You leg glances against my arousal. I wonder if you notice.

  3. I can't help but notice. I can feel my heart start to beat faster and I feel my breathing grow heavy. Our bodies touching ignite my senses and the smell of our body sends a calmness through me, as I take it all in.

    I long to have you next to me, holding me close, making my body melt into your hands and arms, your scent overwhelming and taking over my thoughts and feelings.

    I don't want to let go, I don't want to leave, I want to stay here.

    Where are you?

  4. I'm here. My missing you is difficult. So, I will be here tonight. Let's dance. I have the music and the wine. See you at 10pm on the last day of February.

  5. I'm late. So, tomorrow I will try again. 11:30pm. Join me.

  6. Sorry, luv, I have been entirely crazy and unable to create even one predictable day.....when can we meet? Tell me and I will be there....

  7. The music is playing softly as I look across an empty room....where are you?

  8. I am days away as I touch your hand waiting for the rhythm to make sense. The music mixes with your warm sent. It surrounds both of us barely touching until the first step feels right. As I step forward I feel you glide in front of me, we turn together and step as my thigh touch yours, and then the press of your body as the swirl of a turn entangles us. When the song fades away we stay close. I would be glad for minutes between songs just to stand this way with you.

  9. I feel your breathing, just a bit heavy. My hand glides down your back not stopping until I hold your bottom. It's roundness is perfect. It is wonderful to squeeze...


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