I know it's been forever since we have been here. It seems like an eternity since our last touch. My life has taken some twists and turns that have left me struggling to find my identity and my path.

The last few days have been filled with rain, thunder, and lightening. I still enjoy those things. I think about you... And about us... As the rain pours down and the thunder rumbles. I feel your strong arms around me, holding me close, as the thunder rolls above us. You hold me safe as the sound of the rain, combined with your soft breathing, and rhythm heartbeat bring me to my safe haven.

I miss being with you and I miss you.

Have you left me, or are you still here for me?

My love..........


  1. Missed you. Been here, then away, then here again. I'm glad you are back. Can you stay a while?

  2. Thank you for coming to me. I was afraid you had left. I am glad your are here with me. My world has been all up and down recently, but I still think about you and miss you. We had several noghts of heavy rain with thunder and lightning, whichmakes me think of you, holding me close, and sharing the moment.
    I wait for you my dear...

  3. I didn't get your reply until late. I let myself in. The house is dark. It is calming to walk through your sent. The door is open a bit. You are asleep. I watch, wanting to touch, if only to make contact after so long.

  4. I am sorry - I was tired. I must have fallen asleep. I am glad you came to see me. I have missed you. My drapes are open just enough to let the brightness of the moon shine in and illuminate the room. I was hoping you would get my message and come to me. It has been so long.

  5. The silver of the moon baths your bed. As I get close my hand trembles to touch. I pause. I don't want to startle you. Then I feel your hand reach from below the sheet and hold my leg. The jolt of energy bolts from my feet to my head. I almost groan with the surge of pleasure from my middle. Just a touch.

  6. I feel you close, I can hear your breathing and smell your scent. I have missed it all. I reach back and touch your leg, I hear you gasp and then you moan softly. You no longer seem to hesitate. You lift the sheet and slide into the coolness behind me. You wrap your arms around me and pull our bodies together. I can feel your firm sword dancing against my ass, as one hand massages my breasts and the other softly pets my kitty, I moan and purr softly as I lay there, letting you touch me. You can hear my breathing grow fast as my heart pounds. I then feel your warm lips against my neck and shoulder, kissing me, caressing me, tasting me...


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