I sit here and think about you.

I close my eyes and long for your touch. I feel your fingers run down arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. I then feel as you take my hand, entwining your fingers with mine.

You told me you had a surprise...


  1. I didn't know how to ask you to stay. I took you hand as we crossed the street, just a kindness so you didn't slip. I didn't want to let go. Touching your skin felt bold and alive. After I let go my hand continued to tingle. I watched you at dinner. Our conversation drifted between tales and laughter but for me it always came back to the touch of you that was still with me. As we walked back I didn't know what to say. I got to my room and asked if you wanted to stop in for a minute. You hesitated and then said sure. I opened the door and watched the outline of you go into the room. The door closed and you turned. You didn't move. "Can I have your hand?" and you smiled as you lifted your hand to me. Touching your hand again was perfect. I felt your fingers slightly press back. I gently pulled you closer. "Can I touch you?" and you nod. Our eyes lock as I reach to cup you breast. I ache to reach inside your shirt to have the softness of you as I feel your outline. Your hand touches my hardness and I sigh with pleasure.

  2. This feels so good. You have no idea how much I wanted to feel your hands touch me, even it if meant just holding my hand. You make me feel safe. You seem so strong and caring. I want to know more. I want to learn and explore. I can't take my eyes from yours as your hands touch my breasts through my blouse. I catch my breath and smile shy as my hands falls to my sides. I can feel the desire building between our bodies, like an electrical charge, drawing us together. You start to unbutton my blouse, I just stand there, letting you. I can't fight it. My body starts to tingle as you open the fabric and let it fall to my sides. I feel your hands touch my bare flesh, goosebumps cover my body, as I catch my breath. You smile in a pleasing way, knowing that I am comfortable. I can't fight it, I reach up and take your face in my hands as I lean in and start to kiss you. I am hungry for you. My lips press passionately against yours, you part your lips as our tongues play with each other. Your strong hands continue to caress my breasts as we kiss hungrily. I don't want this to stop.


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