Little things I like

I long for your touch and how you make me feel.

Your take me in your arms and pull me close. As we come together, you cover my mouth with yours and I melt in your touch. As your hot breath surges deep inside me, I slide my arms around you and hold us close.

I feel your hands slide down my back and stop to rest on my ass. I can feel your warm hands through the fabric of my yoga pants.

We stand together, our bodies pressed together, as our mouths remained joined. Your hands grab me tighter and pull me firmly to you. I can feel your body starting to long hungrily. 


  1. All this time I have still been here, watching from the shadow. You look lovely.

  2. I am so glad you are here with me. I miss having you here. I want you to step out of the dark shadows and come join me. I miss the feel of your lips on mine and your skin against my own. I long to feel you touch me, like you did at one time.

  3. Don't move, and close your eyes. I trace your face, letting my finger glide under your chin, down your neck touching our softness. I am stopped by your first button. Don't look and unbutton I whisper. I watch as your hands move down your blouse and then fall to your sides. No bra, just lovely as I ease back the fabric. Little goose bumps under my finger tips that glide to your hard red cherries. I hear your soft groan as I press and pull.

  4. I let my hands drop to my sides as my breath catches in my chest. I stutter as your strong fingers twist and play with my hard nipples. I drop my head back as you pull the firm skin and then roll them in your fingertips. My little girl likes it, you whisper, as you play a little rougher. I let out a groan, not opening my eyes or even lifting my head. Yes, I whisper, as I touch your hands with mine. I am startled briefly as you lean in and start to kiss my neck and throat. I continue to moan softly as your lips caress my skin, your warm breath on my flesh. I am frozen in my place as your lips move down my body, down my neck and throat, where your tongue traces its way down between my breasts. Kneel with me you say, guiding me down to the floor, so we are together on the floor. My eyes remain closed as I feel you release your grip on my nipples and replace them with your mouth.

  5. I push you backward on to the hassock. Hold your ankles my dear and I watch as your hands reach and find each ankle. You present wonderfully. I can't help my smile as I lean down to taste you again. My mouth feels your hard nipple. I nibble, I suck, I pull. My hand slides across your belly, my other hand caresses your face. I hear your moan as my fingers find the edge of your pussy. You clit is hard and round. I feel the warm wetness and I press inside gliding easily. My mouth moves to your other nipple. I suck hard. I am slowly pressing deeper, harder and I feel your mouth open with a moan. I give you my thumb. Suck it I whisper and I feel the warm massage of your mouth and tongue. The bareness of you is a delight. Your pussy is starting to tighten. I can see the redness begin on your chest as you pant. In and out, pressing your hardness, I feel the heat of your sex. Don't move your hands love. And a moan comes from the mouth that is surrounding my thumb. Shall I fuck you love?

    1. Yes please, I beg, as I feel your fingers deep inside me. You run your tongue from my nipples, up my throat, to my mouth, where you slide your finger from my mouth and then cover it with your mouth. Your passion is intense. I can feel the heat between us. You slide your hand behind my head and grab a handful of my blonde hair, pulling your mouth even tighter to mine, forcing your heated breath deep inside me. I can feel your firm sword pressing against my warm body, hungry for you. You back up slightly and guide your body deep inside mine, as you slide your moist fingers into my parted lips. I tenderly caress them, tasting my own sex. You smile as I feel you start to dance inside me.

  6. Oh god is feels so good.


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