A World Full of Crazy

It has been so long since I have been here... there has been so much happening that I am not sure which way my world is truly spinning.

In the past couple months, my family has gone on a church mission trip in miserable conditions, a stroke, another mini stroke, a pacemaker, a job interview, giving up a job of many years and friends I enjoy, a new job, starting high school, my next class, stress, anxiety, etc. It's been so rough and such a tangled web.

I joined a gym and have been trying to build myself up. I wish I knew which way I was spinning. I am hoping that working out would help me feel better. I was feeling good about myself, but am suddenly feeling negative. My head is spinning...

I miss you. I miss our talks. I miss the way you touch me and the way you caress me. I miss how your words handle me and excite me.

I miss it all... I hope you will be waiting with open arms. I want to feel your touch again.



  1. Ah you are here again. :) I'm glad.

  2. Yes, I am here. It has been so long. Things have been nothing short of "crazy" but all is good. Coming along well and working on moving up. So many things, so much, such stress, but still here.... missing you.

    Glad to see you are still here too. I was afraid that my absence has caused you to leave me.

    Thank you.


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