TMI Tuesday - December 20, 12011

TMI Tuesday – December 20, 2011

This time of year there are so many holidays and celebrations that overlap, which is why it is called Holiday Season.
1. What will you be celebrating? If it isn’t a commonly known holiday or celebration (i.e., Christmas, winter solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) briefly tell us about it.
I will be celebrating Christmas, as I have, for... many... years.

2. What’s your favorite Christmas or holiday tune? Jingle Bell Rock
3. If you are giving or receiving gifts this holiday season:
- What’s the gift you most want? Someone sexy and sweet, wrapped in a giant bow ;)
- What do you think is the best gift you are giving? I am getting my son a few of the big things on his list...I hope he'll be surprised... as long as he doesn't snoop!
4. If you could spend this December holiday season anywhere, where would that be? My most recent vacation was in Arizona, so I would like to go back there and enjoy the relaxation.
5. Your family has announced that the holiday celebration & get-together will be at your home. You think to yourself:
a. Yes! Finally…the more the merrier. (Only if they bring a few bottle of wine, I won't turn them away!!!)
b. I don’t have enough room for all of you, but let’s rent a hall and you all get hotel rooms.
c. Over my dead body, I don’t want you freaks in my house.
d. Hmm…I wonder if it’s too late to book a flight to anywhere, leaving on Christmas eve?
6. Have you ever given a fruit cake as a Christmas gift or a gift at all? Do you even like fruit cake? Never given a fruit cake. Don't recall ever having tried it either! I know we used to have one in our freezer... for years... but never knew what it was.
Bonus:  Share with us one of your holiday traditions. I guess that my son wakes me up early on Christmas morning to open gifts. He then fixes breakfast... I can't argue with that...

Go elf yourself! :D

I have done this for a few years. Why? It never stops being fun and hilarious.
I invite you to elf yourself and if you can, post it on your blogs for TMI Tuesday.

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  1. 5a. Cute answer

    6. A fruit cake in the freezer for years?! I'm sure it tasted the same first day as it did 5, 10 years later...LOL

    Merry Christmas


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