Reading, feeling, yearning

I was visiting the blogs I follow and one of them caught my eye. This one talks about how she follows the orders of her master and how he tells her how she should behave and what she should wear. Part of me really feels in tune with that... it turns me on and makes me horny. I wish I had that, but then I wonder if those who see me and feel for me like what I wear and how I feel.  Something about how all this makes me feel. Would these people that see me everyday ever imagine that I love toys and feel sexy? Can they imagine how I feel in my heart? Can they see me actually having toys and thoughts of bdsm and fetish?

Can you see me this way? Can you imagine me this way? Can you appreciate me this way? Tell me what you want. Tell me how you feel? Tell me if you want more?


  1. I will be picking you up for dinner at 7, while you were gone I took the liberty of selecting your clothes for the evening, the are laid out on the bed for you, do not deviate from the selection or there will be consequences.

    There is a definite feeling of living two lives, one goes to work and interacts with people there and they see one person, never knowing what truly lurks beneath,

  2. I walk into the bedroom and there, on the bed, is a selection of clothes that you have picked out. What else would you like to see? Tell me what you have chosen. Tell me about the consequences. I want to know. You excite me by telling me how this happens.

    I know that those I work with would probably understand the box of toys I keep in my closet. My desire to play and learn. My desire to feel the energy and erotic being.

    What would people see on my face, or in my personality, if I were to live, daily, with this alternate life? Would you be able to see it in my actions or words?

    Would I be more daring?

    Please, sir, tell me more. Tell me what you want.

  3. On the bed you will find, a rose colored bra with a matching pair of rose colored thong panties. Black hose are also laying there next to them. your dress is the black one, short have sleeves with the plunging neckline to show off your cleavage; the bottom of the dress is short only coming half way down to your knees. A pair of stiletto heels are sitting next to your clothes. Also left for last is the silver choker necklace and matching earrings.

    if you deviate form what I have set before you the consequences will be swift. Hands bound behind your back as you are bent over and paddled by the palm of my hand. The hand makes it more personal.

    They would see a change, a certain look in your eye that wasn't there before. A smile that creeps up on your lips at the merest thought of who and what you have become. A difference in your step, more confidence, a comfortable air about you.

    As you grow you are pushed to limits you never knew existed, boundaries breaking away as you tread new territory.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I stand at the foot of the bed and look over the clothes. Where to start? I guess a fresh start is it. I decide to jump in the shower before getting dressed.
    I spend what seems like forever under the hot water, thinking, wondering...
    I climb from the shower and dry off. I look at myself briefly in the mirror, as I walk to the bedroom, stark naked. Slowly I put on the rose-colored lingerie. It is such a pretty color and material. I definitely feel sexy in this. I take a seat on the bed and slowly, carefully, put on the black hose, sliding them up and smoothing them on my thighs.
    My next step is the dress. I wiggle into the snug material and pull it down. I return to the mirror where I look at myself, smoothing the dress fabric and adjusting the neckline and the way my cleavage rests in the bra. I then put on the jewelry - you make me feel like a princess when you dress me this way. Thank you.
    I dress as you have asked, but there is a part of me that wants to deviate. The thought of you bending me over and spanking me is exciting. Kinda makes me want to be naughty.
    Oh my sir, I am torn, I want to be naughty, but I love feeling like the princess you dress me as.
    There is suddenly a knock on the door. I glance at the clock, grab the stilettos and head to the livingroom.
    I open the door, and see you there, smiling at me. "so pretty" you say, as you walk in. Without even closing the door, you walk up to me and run your hands up my legs, raising the dress up. "yes, you have obeyed" you say, running your fingers over the front of the thong. "very nice" you add, as you turn me around, "oh yes".
    I smile, as you wink at me. I suddenly feel you bending me over the arm of the couch as you whisper "bend over". I do as I am told. now standing in the open doorway, bent over, as you raise my dress and rub my ass, before spanking me... hard. I gasp, in surprise. "just to let you know that consequences will happen if you are naughty," you tell me, "now let's go".
    I stand and put on my shoes. "yes sir," I say quietly, as you take my hand and we leave the building.


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