So ready to ride... and history (imported)

(imported from the post on my previous blog Sexual Thoughts for us to share "ready to ride" )

I have been sitting here, trying to build this blog. I have been clicking through sites and through their links. I have encountered videos, pictures, erotica, bondage, toys... you name it, it's there. There is nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, it makes me so fucking hot and horny that I am ready to ride and hump the next thing that gets in my way. My cunt is throbbing and wet, my tits are rock hard and sensitive, my body is ready. I don't see anything wrong with sites like that. As long as everyone is in agreement to it, just do it. If you don't like those sites, DON'T LOOK AT THEM!!!! Duh!!!!!!!!

I just went and got my vibe, while clicking through sites. Just looking at the photos was doing it for me. I slid it inside and tilted it so it was sending pressure through my clit. I had an orgasm right then and there, in front of my computer, my son in the other room. My tits are hard and standing firm. I may not be young, but they are pretty fucking perky if I do say so... and my nipples are not small petite babies... they are huge... the complex is actually larger than a half-dollar coin... My tits are proportional, but they have serious sensitivity... they get turned on by touch, by cold, by desire.

My nipples stand at attention so firmly that they seem to penetrate and peek through my heaviest of tops. Does that turn guys on? When you walk down the street and pass a woman who's nipples are clearly hard and ready... does it turn you on? Do you want to touch them? Do you want them rubbing against your body? Do you want to just walk up and play with them? Would they feel good against your body as I am leaning over you and sucking you? How about it if crawl over the length of your body, letting them rub against you?

The lips of my clit are so hard and firm and so wide open. I am ready to hump. Maybe if I do the old "swing set" trick... How many women out there remember climbing up the leg of the swing set and suddenly feel a sensation. You wrapped your legs tightly around the cold hard post and clung for dear life, your body quivering unexplainably? Do you remember that? I'm sure that there were many of us out there who experienced "fucking awesome" orgasms at a too-young age and realized that "that was the best non-sexual interactive fuck I ever imagined". It was great! I loved it. I did it whenever no one was looking. My body went weak, but my cunt was rocking. It was wet, it was warm and my body felt good. I would do it now if I could.

And then there is the bondage thing... well, was is it really bondage or just some serious hardcore sex? I love the way my body rushes when I am tied up, but... I had a beau who got really kinky... he tied me up (VERY securely) to his bed frame, buck naked - hands and feet, spread eagle, on my back, and secure. He covered my body with the whipped topping from a can and some other type of topping (it's been a while) - he "decorated me" - my tits, my belly, even my cunt. He licked and tasted. He sucked and fed. He orally teased me and fucked me with his tongue. I fought and struggled, but he made me scream. I was his slave at that point. It's erotic when you are unable to do anything but be submissive, which is hard for a control freak. Maybe that is why it's such a turn on. I remember cumming on his face as he forced his tongue deep inside me. He licked the cream off my tits as he handled me. He pulled and massaged me, like a slab of bread dough, making my tits so hard they hurt. He sucked them and bit them. He sucked so hard, he tasted my milk. He then crawled up and knelt over me. He teased me with his cock - it was a large boy - 2 inches around and 8 inches long (I measured it... it was gi-normous!). He knelt over me and fed it to me, rubbing it on my lips and sliding it in my mouth. He would force it in and it buried deep down in the back of my throat. I learned how to handled a cock this size. As he knelt over me, he held the bed's headboard and teased me, sliding his dick in and out of my throat. Being tied up, I was helpless. He knew he had the whole situation in his control. He then turned around and 69'd me. He knelt down and slid his dick in my mouth. He then got on his hands and knees and sank his face between my legs. Grabbing my hips, he pulled his face so deep inside, that I couldn't handle it. He forced my thighs wide open, at his mercy. He grabbed my clit with his teeth and pulled on my flesh like the prey of a wild hungry animal. He managed, while feeding, to guide his hard thick sword into my mouth and pump in down my throat, as he suddenly came, and hard!!!! He pumped my mouth full of salty semen and his face buried deep in my crotch and ripped at me. We came - it hurt - he liked it. He then untied me and turned me over. He made me get on my knees and face the headboard. He, again, tried by wrists with rope so I was his toy. He had me on my hands and knees. He spanked me several times, over and over, enjoying the sound of his hand cracking the bare skin of my ass. Each time, my head went back as I felt the sting and whimpered, each contact getting harder. He then approached me from behind and spread my ass cheeks. He slid his hard dick between my cheeks, as he stroked himself, making himself wet and lubing up my ass. He tried to slide his head in my ass, but it was tight. He played some more and then that was it. His fingers were around me, rubbing my clit, when he suddenly rammed me from behind, burying is rock hard cock deep into my ass. I let out a scream and arched back. I was now a serious bondage victim - he had his fingers buried in my wet cunt, one hand had a firm grip on my hair, pulling my head back, and his dick buried deep inside my ass, ramming me over and over, pumping me fuller and fuller. I cried. I'm not sure if it felt good or if I was just plain scared. He then untied me. after he fucked me hard, over and over. I was tired and sore. He then laid down on top of me and let me be part of it. This time, we fucked and I was able to fuck him back.

Is there anything wrong with all this? Obvious sex is normal and natural - some people just want to get a little more kinky with it!

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