It feels so good (imported)

(imported from my previous blog entry at Sexual Thoughts for Us to Share -- "Feels so good" )

I lean across the seat and cradle your face in my hand and begin to softly and tenderly kiss your lips. The passion begins to grow as you pull me over, and on top of you, wrapping your arms around me. The heat of our kisses grow as your hands begin to travel over my body, sending current through me with your touch.

You casually move your sensual kisses from my lips to my neck. My body goes limp and I let my head drop back, as I am captured by your touch. Your soft kisses cover my neck and throat. You run your tongue from my cleavage, up my neck, and to my earlobe, where your whisper "you feel so good".

You look me in the eyes, and smile, before you lean in amd return to passionately kissing me, your hot tongue burying itself deep between my lips, as you slowly move your hands up under the front of my shirt. The feeling of your warm strong hands against my bare skin sends goosebumps throughout me. Your fingers work their way inside my bra and against my chest. You take my breasts in your hands and massage me, gently squeezing, as your kisses become more sexually demanding. The heat our bodies are generating begins to rise and the full-blown sexual desire increases also......

As we exchange heated kisses, you reach down and unfasten your jeans. You work yourself free and release the sword from the sheath. Ready and waiting, you slide your hands around me and guide my hips down over your lap, feeling your sword pressing against my cunt. I gasp as I feel your firm body searching... I continue to kiss you as I reach down and take you in my hand and guide you to the entrance. As you slide inside, my kisses grow more and more heated, my body grows wetter and wetter. I want you so bad. I can feel you inside me, as your hands firmly grab my hips and pull me firmly onto your pulsing damp body, burying your loaded cock deep inside my hungry body.

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