Thank you...

I had to fight to hold back and behave myself. You made me behave, you made me refrain from feeling enjoyment. The build-up of enjoyment caused me so much pain and anxiety. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to feel so good. I wanted you to make me explode, letting out all the pent out desire. I had to listen to you, I knew it was my responsibility to obey you and do as I am told. I have never had to obey like this. Everything you have done has been so new to me. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I could feel the rush in my body. I wanted to explode. I saw you watching me. I saw your smile. I saw your pleasure.

Did you know, when you brought me to this, that it was my first time? That this would test my limits and push my sexuality? Did you enjoy watching me?

I wanted to feel you inside me. I wanted to feel the experience beyond what we had. As the rope bound my body, I could feel the pressures. The clamps pulled on my nipples, making them tender. But the sting of the clamps drove me insane. Such a rush. The feeling of the the ropes restraining me, the struggle, the excitement. The ropes rubbing against my pussy, oh so exciting. I know that the friction caused me to drip nectar, hungry to be taken. The thrill of the vibe pushed me, tested me. I wanted you so bad. I wanted to cum so bad.

Sir, I had a hard time behaving myself, I had a hard time obeying you, but I knew it would all be good.

After you released me from my bondage and let me sip of the wine, I knew that it wouldn't take but a slight touch of the vibrator to my clit to make me cry in desire. I put the vibe between my thighs, firmly against my clit, my chest arched upward, my body started to quiver, I gasped for breath, and my sexuality suddenly broke free, like a dam bursting. My body quivered and dancedon my mattress, as I feel the juices flow from me, until I collapse to the sheets. By body is exhausted as I close my eyes and imagine you being there with me, holding me close, as I drift off to sleep.

Thank you Sir.


  1. A fine job little one.
    you say you had a hard time behaving yet you did it didn't you...and you reaped the rewards of such.

  2. Yes, I did reap the rewards. It felt so good, but it was a difficult road for me. I hope you are pleased.

  3. I am well pleased the road will be rough at times yet I will lead you...take my hand.

  4. I will take your hand and trust you will not lead me astray.


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