Naughty Little One

I am sorry, but I have been a naughty little one. I understand that I am accountable for my actions, and I trust you will punish me as required.

I have been naughty...


  1. Nipple clamps for 30 minutes little one...and you are not allowed an orgasm till I allow it!.

  2. Will you reveal me and place them on me? Will you tightened them until I whimper? Will you leave the ropes on me, to behave? Tell me moe.

  3. The ropes will remain so you will not be tempted to remove the clamps. They will be tight, till I see tears in your eyes. At that point I will use a vibe running full tilt running it along the chain while tugging it. your whimpers of submission filling the room till you beg for forgiveness for you transgressions.

  4. You open my top and attach the clamps to my now-firm nipples. You then slide the rope and panties over, to insert a large vibrator inside me. You tease me until I am wet enough to thrust the toy deep inside.

    You stand before me, your one hand controlling the speed of the toy, making me squirm and the other pulling on the chain to make me wimper.

    I have been a naughty little one. I am sorry Sir. I have been bad. I deserve to be punished.

  5. "you disobeyed me little one, I gave you a task to do and you chose to ignore it."

    "I gave you plenty of leeway to accomplish what I asked and you didn't." I said "I'm very disappointed."

    Turning down the vibe for a moment I give you several swats on your ass with my hand then immediately turn the vibe right back up to high and give a hard tig on the chain connected to your nipples.

    your whimpers of mixed pleasure and pain fill the room.

    I reach down and push the vibe in deeper, your pussy slick and wet.

    "It seems you are liking this little one, to bad your not allowed to cum."

  6. My body is overwhelmed with the mixed sensations of both pleasure and pain. The tip of the vibe, now buried deep inside me, is pushing against the inside of my body. I can feel my own wetness starting to drip down the inside of my bare thighs.

    "please sir, I know I disobeyed you," I say quietly.

    "yes, yes you did," you say, firmly, as you run your fingers down my cheek. I look up at you, my eyes filled with tears. "maybe this will be a reminder of what you need to do when I ask you to behave," as you kneel down before me.

    I feel you run your hands along the inside of my thighs, feeling my body's juices. "such a naughty little one," you tell me, looking into my eyes, as you raise your hand to your lips and taste the juices on your fingers. "so sweet, yet so naughty" you say with a smile.

    My eyes look down as you stand before me. I see my own juices glistening on my thighs.

  7. The ropes still binding you kneeling before me in subservience hand bound behind your back. your body not yours but mine.

    "you penance is not yet complete little one." I say moving closer to you.

    you look up to see the bulge pressing against my pants forming a tent.
    Slowly I reach down and lower the zipper exposing my fullness to you.

    I reach down and grab a handful of your hair, bringing your mouth to my tip.

    Still controlling the vibe I make it dance within you.

    "Remember little one, no O for you yet." I tell you. "Let's see how much you want my forgiveness."

  8. I turn my eyes up toward you as you pull my face closer to your body. Your eyes watch me, as I touch your swollen tip with my tongue. I feel you dance and see a smile on your face.

    I run my tongue over my lips and then let my tongue caress you. As I part my lips, you move your hips to me and slide your firm sword into me. I wrap my lips around your hot firm flesh and let my tongue caress you.

    "yes little one, you know you were naughty" you whisper, as I feel the grip in my hair tighten. I slowly caress you and suck on you, as I hear you moan softly.

    I close my eyes and take in the smell of your body. I can feel your body dancing between my lips. I feel you move your body closer to mine, driving your cock further into my mouth.

    "oh yes little one, you are aware you have disobeyed me and you want my forgiveness" you say, looking down at me, my face against my hips, your cock inside my mouth. I raise my eyes to you, as if asking for forgiveness.

    You suddenly turn the vibe up to high again. I let out a squeal and feel your hand push my face closer. "a little longer little one," you have not proven yourself to me yet. I begin to suck, once again, faster and harder, with all the energy I can muster.

    I can feel sweat starting to drip from your chest, falling on my face. I can feel my own fluids running warmly down my thighs.

    Your cock dances within my mouth as you groan with delight.

  9. My cock swells as your lips moves over it.

    "Yes little one, that's right, very good."

    I turn down the vibe to medium and your squeals subside slightly.
    I feel the tightness beginning to build within me as your mouth and tongue dance over my swollen cock.

    "Don't miss a drop pet." I tell you. "every last little bit must be taken."

    I grip your hair tightly, holding you to me, you are unable to move, between the ropes and my hand you are powerless.

    The tightness grows more as my head goes back a deep groan escaping my lips are the first jet pulses into your hungry mouth.

    Eagerly you begin taking it in, I turn the vibe up a little trying to surprise you, yet in your hunger your mouth fully covers me drinking it all in.

    I release your hair and you pull your mouth off my cock, looking up at me with your soft eyes.

    "you have done well little one." I say as I turn the vibe up fully. "you have earned your O, cum for me now, cum, for me."

    With the tension that had built in you for a while now it doesn't take long for you to find your release. your moans filling the room around us as your body shudders in delight.

    After you catch your breath, I undo the ropes, remove the clamps and massage yur nipples to allow the blood to flow back. I slide the vibe out slowly, your pussy tender and sore.

    I move next to you on the sofa, taking you in my arms holding you, cradling you as I ask.

    "Would you like another glass of wine little one?"

  10. "yes please" i response, trying to catch my breath.

    You kiss me tenderly and then hand me the glass of wine.

    "thank you," I whisper, as your arms tightens around me and pulls me close.

    "you are welcome little one... thank you" you tell me, as brush the hair from my eyes.


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