Tell me what goes through your mind...

When you look at this photo, what goes through your mind?
What would happen next?


  1. It would seem dessert is served early today.
    Are we dining alone or will there be company?
    Hmmm where is that wooden spoon?

  2. We are dining alone, as there is only enough dessert for one. The wooden spoon is where it would normally be, in the drawer. I await your arrival for dinner and dessert.

  3. The vinyl glistens against your pale skin, I look at you with a hungry desire in my eyes.

    "I'd like to start with a salad" I say..."some cucumbers and carrots, with a special dressing"

    I rummage through the fridge and pull out what I need.

    Laying them down on the counter I see the look in your eye, part fear, part need.

    I stroke your hair looking in your eyes deep within you. your soul bare to me, open and yielding.

    Loosening the straps around your knees so I can spread your legs I pick up the cucumber first as I graze it along your already moist lips.


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