I think about what you taught me and how you have made me your student. The thought about those feelings make my body crave the touch and power. I sit here, at my computer, typing this, as the thoughts and words make my pussy cry and tingle. I want to feel more. I want to feel the excitement. My body hungers as it thinks about the lessons you have taught and what I have learned. I close my eyes and imagine the touch and the feel as you caress and pet me. I close my eyes and let my body sigh, but only around the feelings of hunger.


  1. W/we have merely scratched the surface. The hunger and yearnings will grow, yet also they must be tempered by patience.
    Do you feel my touch? DO you feel my arms holding you?
    It was just a touch of the power that is, that can be.

  2. From our communication, I cam feel your touch. I can feel your strong arms holding me close. I know you want to be a good teacher, you want me to learn. I want to learn. I feel your presence when you are with me.

  3. I am always near you, with you, only a breath, a heartbeat away.


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