Missing the thunder

As I lay in the darkness, my window open slightly, I feel a breeze come through my curtains.

There is a coolness on the wind, yet the sky is quiet. I wish it would rain. I wish it would thunder.

I miss the sounds of those that comfort me and let me know you are there. I seem to sleep better against the constant sound of the rain hitting down. The sound of thunder rumbles me to sleep. These sounds wraps their arms around me and make me feel safe and secure.

When those sounds hold me during a deep sleep, I feel you are holding me also.

I miss the thunder... I miss you...


  1. I remember a night of gentle rain and distant thunder. It made me conjure you, I saw you push open the door. You paused. Your eyes seemed to undress me. I was captured by your smile. I longed to touch you.

  2. I entered the room and immediately felt your eyes on me. There was something about you. Something I wanted to know more about. As I grew closer, I could see the sparkle in your eyes and the way you seemed unsure of yourself. I was drawn to you. Your smile, your eyes. As I grew closer with each step, I could smell you. The aroma of your scent, the essence of who you were. I want you to touch me. I imagine, in my mind, what it would be like, as I stop. The rain is coming down outside and I can hear the thunder softly rumble and fill the dark night sky. I close the door, still damp from the rain. Do you want to touch me?

  3. Yew. Can I touch you the way I like? Will it matter how long it takeS? Will it matter how far I go? Tell me what you are wearing. I am leaning against the wall just steps away. My robe is tied tight. My hands want you. Maybe a glass of wine should start off the jornery? White or Red?

  4. I would love to hear more. I have left this post as it is, as I would enjoy hearing more about what you imagine. I want to know more.

    I am wearing my normal night wear, a cotton t-shirt, and that it is. Tonight I am wearing a silky thong, but that is it. I have bare feet and my toenails are painted a deep purple color.

    May I have a glass of red wine please, as it is chilly outside and I would like to warm up?


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