Happy Monday... or so they say.

I miss the times we are able to talk and laugh. You have been absent for such a time, longer than it had ever been before.

I wonder if you are upset with me, or if your life has gone in a different direction? Does the look and feel of my new "home" bother you, intimidate you? Do you feel wrong to be here with me? I wish I knew. I look for you and hope you visit.

I have never meant to say anything to turn you away. I have found a place where others are here also. Those around me are those who seem to understand and appreciate this side of life.

I am still very much "me" - the me you met all those years ago. You stood by and helped me write. You helped inspire me and helped me speak from my heart and soul.

I am so unsure of what I am feeling. I miss you and your visits. I was always hoping you would be here to continue your inspiration and smiles. If you don't, I understand. If your life has taken you elsewhere, my thoughts and prayers are here for you.


  1. Oh no love...I can never be dissapointed. I miss your touch. My whirlwind will always blow me back to you...

  2. I welcome you to my new world and thank the winds for bringing you back here. I am glad there is no disappointment, as that would make me sad.

  3. I could watch you for hours, never getting tired, drawn to your grace and sensuality like a moth to a candle.

  4. I can feel you glance at me. I can feel your eyes on me, watching me. I am not sure what is going through your head and mind, but I can feel your body's warmth as you move past me. I can smell your cologne on the breeze. I can hear your laughter. I want to me the flame to your moth.


I am so happy you have come to visit me. Please leave me a comment and tell me what is on your mind.