Your Words

Your words
They touch me
In a way that I can't remember
that words ever touched me before
You make me feel a being inside me
That has been tucked away.
Your words
Have pulled back the covers
And brought them out of hiding,
Making me feel something
Something so deep inside me
That it takes my breath away.
Your words caress me
They touch my heart and soul,
They touch my inner being,
They touch the longing I have in my body
They bring me to life
And make me want to learn and grow.
Your words
Have touched a side of me
That I never showed
A side that I was afraid to show
A side I was afraid to admit to
A side that no one really knew existed.

1 comment:

  1. you are as a butterfly striving to break free of its cocoon and fly free.

    Words are beautiful things, they are emotions and feeling brought to light.


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