Shall we shop?

You pick me up after work. All you say is that we are going shopping. You don't tell me where, or what for. I don't know, but I can tell my that smirk on your sweet pink lips and the twinkle in your eyes, this will be more of an adventure than anything. You have the keys, you are in the drivers seat. I am just along for the ride.

I can feel, in my quickening heart beat, and the tingle in my body, that we are on a ride of my life. It is then that your hand reaches over and rests on my thigh. You don't take your eyes off the road and your hand moves upward, under the edge of my skirt and slides between my thighs.

I let my legs fall open as your hand stops to rest. You continue to drive... I just close my eyes and go along for the ride.


  1. My hand resting on your tender flower as I continue to drive, your eyes are closed lost in the moment so you don't see where I am taking you.
    As the car draws to a stop you open your eyes and shake off the fog the enveloped you seeing where we are.

    I open the car door and reach my hand out to you, come dear or you'll be late for your corset fitting.


  2. Dear Sir,
    I love the corset you have chose for me.
    I take your hand and you help me from the car. You lead me into the store, continuing to hold my hand.
    From behind a velvet curtain, a lady, very elegantly dressed, steps out. "may I help you," she asks, in a quiet tone.
    "We are here for the corset fitting" you tell her, as I look around and stare in amazement at everything. "do you have one in mind?" she asks, with a smile.
    "Yes," you tell her, and point to the red and black one, hanging near the mannequin.
    "Very elegant choice" she says with a smile, picking up a notebook from the desk and taking one of the hangers. "Come with me love," she says, with a smile, as she walks behind the curtain again.
    "You'll be fine" you tell me, with a smile, as I turn to walk away, as you slap my ass, hard, with your hand.
    I follow the lady into the back, not sure what to expect.
    "Okay love, please get undressed, so we can take measurements and get you fitting" she tells me, with a smile, as she takes a seat in the high-back chair in the small room surrounded with mirrors.

  3. After a little while of waiting the attendant steps out and says you're ready, a brief second later you step out from behind the velvet curtain.
    My breath is taken away as I gaze at you, the corset fits perfectly over your body, accentuating your hips, breast firm and full under the top of the corset.

    "Yes, that's the one," I say, "I'll take it"

    "Shall I wrap it for you?" the attendant asks,

    "No, she'll wear it!"

    We leave the store and head back to the car. I open the car door for you to get in, as you settle into your seat, I read down with my hand taking a handful of your hair in my hand as I lean in to kiss you. My tongue dances across your lips tasting you, breathing in your sweet scent.

    "We have one more stop to make." I say as I break off the kiss and get back in the car.

    The drive is brief as we pull to a stop in front of a leather shop. I take your hand in mine as we walk into the store. The smell of leather fills us as we enter fully into the store.

    A older man is sitting behind the counter, a piece of leather before him, in his hands a small hammer and a leather punch. He looks up as we walk in and I make my way to the counter. You hear me say something to him but are unable to make out the words. He gets up and walks to the back of the store.

    A few minutes later he returns and places five items on the counter.



    A collar, and a set of wrist and ankle restraints. I smile, "Perfect! I say, "They match the corset." As I hold them up to you.

    "Just one more thing though"

    I walk to a wall where various paddles are hanging. I look through picking one or two up looking at them, finally I take one and walk back to you with it. I tell you to turn around as I give you a quick smack that reverberates through the quiet store.

    "Yes, this one will do." I say as I place it on the counter with the other items.


  4. My heart is racing. Can you hear me?

    I feel like the corset is tightening on me every minute. I am not sure what to expect next. The kiss you gave me in the car made me melt. I love your kisses. I love you way you smell, I love the way you taste.

    With your new purchases in hand, we head back to the car. You open the door and help me in. Once again, you lean in and kiss me. You hand holding tight to the back of my hair, as you kiss me and fill my mouth with your tongue.

    You then smile at me as you close my door and walk around to your side. You set the leather goods on the floor in the back and climb in. The smell of fresh leather fills the car, as we drive off into the sunset.

    "One more stop" you say, as we drive. I don't ask, as I know that asking won't get me an answer. I just have to be patient. It isn't long before we pull up in front of some type of specialty shop.

    Once again, you help me out and lead me inside. This time it's a whole lot more than what you could tell from the outside. There are shoes, of every size, height, and color; along with shiny body ornaments and decorations.

    "We need to get you shoes," you tell me, as you lead me to the display of 4 & 5 inch heels. You pick out a pair of high black heels, to match the "outfit" I am now being dressed with.

    You then walk over to where the other toys are. I just stare in awe as you look over what is available. Are you thinking of something specific, or just what would bring us pleasure? Remember, this is your shopping trip, I am just coming along for the ride... or should I say "cumming" along for the ride?

    What's next? I now have the corset & thong, stilettos, ankle & wrist cuffs, a collar, and a paddle. What more do we need?

  5. "Ahhh there are still a few more things needed little one."

    I put my arm around your waist pulling you close to me. I feel your heat rising as I hold you tight to me. A strand of your silky hair brushes against my cheek tickling me as I look over the display rack.

    My eyes widen and a smile crosses my face as I find what I am looking for.


    After making my selection I guide you away from there to another part of the store. A rack adorned with various types of gloves of all types. I pick several up holding them out seeing how they match up with your corset.

    Your eyes never leaving me as I go through the rack. Pulling out a pair, I slightly nod my head, your lips part with a smile as I say "Yes, these will do nicely."


    My hand slides up your back to your neck, your skin warm and soft.

    Looking deep into your eyes, "One more item"

    We move deeper into the store to the back wall.

    Packages of varying types line the wall, still holding you close your warmth and scent making me heady as I look over the selections.

    Seeing what I'm looking for I pull it off the shelf.


    We make our way to the counter and I pay for the purchases, the clerk giving us a coy little smile.

    Not wanting to let you go, my arm remains around your waist as we make our way back to the car. Before I open the door to let you in, I nuzzle your neck, softly biting the tender skin as I whisper to you, "I think it's time to go home."

  6. The nipple rings are gorgeous. I would love a pair Sir.
    Lace gloves are pretty - have never tried gloves, but willing.
    The fishnet stockings will definitely work.

  7. You assist me into the car. The smell of leather still fills the air, as you put the next bag in the backseat.

    I close my eyes as we, once again, drive off into the darkening sky.

    It seems like forever until we pulled into your driveway. You walk around the car and help me out. With your bags in one hand, and the other holding my hand, we walk into the house.

    Once inside, you lead me to the spare bedroom, where you help me get dressed. The first thing you do is strip me down to the corset and thong, leaving me standing in the dimly lit room.

    You lean in and kiss me tenderly, as your strong, warm fingers begin to play with my nipples, as you pinch them and tug on them. The harder you play, the harder you kiss me. I put my hands on your waist as you continue. Slowly, you move your lips down and begin to suck on my nipples, making them hard.

    I run my fingers through your hair as you tease me. "oh yes little one," you whisper as you take one nipple ring from the package and slide it around my firm tit. Snapping it shut, it pinches. I squeak, from the surprise, the pinch.

    "Is there a problem?" you ask, looking up at me.

    "no sir," I respond.

    "good" you say, starting to suck and nipple on the second one. Once firm, you put the second ring on and close it. This time I take a deep breath, to absorb the pain. "very pretty" you say, as you touch them gently with your fingers.

    You then upwrap the nylons and hand them to me. "please put these on." I take them from you and take a seat on the bed, carefully putting them over my toes and sliding them up my legs. "oh yes sweetheart, those will do," as you kneal before me and place the shoes on my feet.

    "stand" you tell me, as you also get up. I stand without a word. You then open the first bag and kneal down. I watch as you fasten the cuffs around my ankles. You snug them and then look up at me with a smile. Standing, you take the others from the bag and put one on each wrist.

    "put the gloves on" you then tell me, handing them to me, one at a time.

    I obey, still without a word. You then take out the collar and the paddle. You reach up and slide the collar around my neck, fastening it securely, but not too tight.

    "oh my, you are a beautiful little girl" you whisper to me, as you stand and view me, dressed in excitement, from head to toe.

    From a dresser drawer, you pull out what appears to be a leash. "Cum" you tell me, fastening the clip onto the collar and leading me from the room.

    We make our way through the dimly lit house, but you know where you are going. This is your house, and your sanctity.

    We walk into a dark room, with only a small light and I hear you close a heavy door behind us.

  8. I thought you might like the nipple rings and am glad you do. They would be a nice accent to your beauty little one.
    The gloves, they add a certain demure quality.
    As for the fishnets, when I saw them, they spoke to me.

  9. Before your eyes can adjust to the light after closing the door, I slip a blindfold over your eyes and snug it down tightly behind your head.

    I lean in close to your ear "Do you trust me little one?" I whisper.

    Your answer is short and quick, "Yes Sir."


    I take your hand and lead you further into the room. Grabbing a handful of your hair I bring your lips to mine, my tongue parting your lips, fully exploring you, tasting, taking in your essence.

    Breaking off the kiss, I take your hand and lift it over your head, you hear a slight clink of metal as I fasten your wrist to something, I repeat the same with your other wrist and both your ankles till you are fastened to the St. Andrews Cross with your back to me.

    I lean in and you jump; slightly startled when you hear my voice so close.

    "I claim you as mine, you now belong to no one but me."
    "your body is mine, your orgasms are mine, you don't cum unless I tell you to.

    Reaching to a small table next to the cross I pick up the paddle I bought earlier. I bring it to your flesh and slowly begin passing it across your skin, letting you feel the leather.

    At it's first touch you flinch not knowing what to expect, waiting for the first blow to fall.

    The paddle covers all of you as if it is exploring you of it's own volition until it is back down to your ass.

    I pull it back and once again you flinch and I see you tighten your muscles.

    I smile to myself as I put down the paddle and exchange them for a cat toy, a stick with feathers mounted on the end and I begin to caress your body with them the same way as I did with the paddle.

    Again I lean in and with a deep whisper; "you never know what to expect little one."


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