Our conversation makes me think...

The conversation we had today definitely made me smile. It has been so long since we have spoken this way.

I got the message you sent, telling me that you liked my ass. Oh, this is so much the thought I was having when you walked in this morning with your snug dark jeans on, looking as fucking sexy as ever. Oh god sweetheart, I wanted you so bad. I kept myself busy to keep from thinking about being naughty.

You make me smile and make we want to jump you right then and there. It has been so many months since I have touched your soft flesh and kissed your tender lips. I close my eyes and imagine us kissing passionately. Your hands caress and move over me as we continue to kiss. You have no idea how badly I want you... or maybe you do. We have found a common ground and it is one that might exceed many normal levels.

I want you to know that I am sitting here, in front of my computer, thinking about you, and wanting to feel your body against mine. When baby, can we feel that way again?

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