It was you all along

I remember when we first met. There was no inclination that either of us would end up in this "relationship".

In the beginning, you were just someone I saw everyday, after accepting a position with the same company. I loved your voice and your accent. It made me smile. You had the prettiest blue eyes and were so approachable.

We worked together for several years and it was never a situation we would expect to find ourselves in. We both had different lives, in completely different worlds. We also were from very different backgrounds.

Over time, we shared laughs and smiles. You also let me cry on your shoulder and scream in anger. You were patience and accepted me for who I was. There was never any hint that it would come to this, but you made me feel special.

I don't remember when our first encounter truly was, but it all started with flirting. It didn't take long for us to feel comfortable with each other. Our affair went from that point on.

We then went our separate ways for several years - not one of choice, but one dictated by those around us. I missed you so much while we were apart. I couldn't share that with anyone - the way you smile made me smile, the way your accent made me melt, the way you talked to me made me all yours.

It was easier to share when we weren't around each other, but I also missed you so much. Until destiny intervened and we were together again.  This time there is so much more and you still make me smile, and my heart quiver when we are together.

It was you all along... it was you...

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