I feel like a naughty little girl

I know that how I feel and what I imagine are human nature, but I also wonder how others see it.
I can't say that I am totally into a certain lifestyle, but aspects have crossed my mind.
I know what excites me and what turns me on.
I am not an extremist when it comes to this though, but I long to feel the excitement and passion.
Is it wrong to have something like this turn me on?
Like I said, I don't do the extreme things... then again, I have never really had the chance, but there are things around the life that really get me hot and wet.
I feel naughty when I think about playing with toys.
I feel naughty when I want to be restrained.
I feel naughty when I take photos.
I feel naughty when I play with my toys, or shop at the toy store.
Am I a naughty little girl, or is this human nature?
Do other people look at me weird, or see me as some sick soul?
This is a side of me that I have found long ago and makes me wonder.
I just want to know if you will love me, no matter what I enjoy and want to explore?
Otherwise... I guess I know where I stand.
I am afraid of the reveal. I hide behind the life of normalcy because I don't know how others will feel about it.
I feel naughty...


  1. When the right person comes along they will accept all of you for who you are, possibly a fellow explorer to make the journey with.


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