Should be honored

I should be here more often... and honored. I am now able to write and review for Eden fantasys. Too had my schedule has not allowed me to pursue this.
I miss being here and having the time to write. I will make time... soon... after my class final... after the next step in pursing my heart
I will be back soon.


  1. How can life leave no time to touch, no time to be touched? For me it is water and sun.

  2. My life has been busy. It is lonely many days, as I don't have time for me. I am lost and alone. No one to touch me, no one to touch. I want someone who will make me feel good. I want to find someone who will enjoy me and what I can do for them and how I can make them feel. My journey, at this time in my life, is very lonely and empty.


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