You tell me you were watching me. You were watching what Sir was doing to me. You saw the ropes, you saw the clamps. How did that make you feel? What was going through your head? Did you enjoy what you saw? Did it turn you on? When it was all done, did you have a smile on your face? Was your body hungry? Did you want it to never end?


  1. I wanted to touch you softly while you sucked him. I want you to know that I was there.

  2. I wanted to feel your bound softness. I slowly rubbed your bare kitty, my middle finger dancing overnyou hard spot. I am rubbing harder as your sucking increases. My other hand is spanning you. I can see sirs face redden slightly. I feel your body begin to quiver. Then I reach and hold Sirs sack softly to hong it's sides. It feels strang touching a man. I am hard as I feel Sirs balls get tight.


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