A Night

I walk into the room and there you are, almost as if you were waiting for my arrival. I close the door as I catch my breath. The room is lit by several candles around the room. I take off my wet coat and hang it up next to the door, to dry. I don't see, but I can tell your eyes are watching me. "Welcome home" you say quietly, as you approach from the shadows. I smile as you move towards me. You are wearing a silky robe, tied around the waist. I am still dressed from work, in a short skirt, knit top, and my high heels.

You approach me and take me in your arms, pulling me close and kissing me tenderly.

After what seems like forever, you pull back and smile. "Wine?" you ask, your hands still resting on my hips.

"Sounds fabulous" I respond, following you into the kitchen.


  1. I take a bottle of chilled wine out of the cooler and remove the cork. Two wine glasses sit in the counter, waiting. I deeply gaze into your hazel eyes. They sparkle and shine with delight.

    Turning back around I pour the wine, handing you one glass our arms entwine as we take a sip.Once again our eyes lock, held in a deep gaze.Even as our arms move apart our eyes never break contact.

    With my free hand I slide it up along the silky smooth skin of your neck savoring it's feel on my finger tips.

    I pull you to me, our lips meet softly, only a graze of a touch, I hesitate momentarily. Then my tongue brushes your lips taking in the first taste of you.

    Then our lips meet hungrily, eager, seeking out on another as our tongues dance fervently exploring each other, the taste, the scent. The moment of meeting drawing us in.

  2. I feel as though I am melting in your arms. The feeling of your tongue filling my mouth excites me. I can feel your warm hand on the back of my neck. My eyes are closed and I become one with you, as you kiss me with a passion that I haven't experienced for so long.

    The kiss lasts forever. You smile at me and lead me to the couch, with our glasses of wine. You follow with the remaining bottle.

    I sit on the couch and kick off my shoes. You sit beside me and set the wine on the glass table in front of us. You slide your arm around my shoulders and pull my body close. I lay my head on your shoulder and you wrap your arms around me.

  3. The feel of your hair so soft against my skin, your scent filling me intoxicating me more then the wine. I begin kissing and nibbling the tender skin of your neck, feeling you melt into me.

    My tongue traces your ear, as I whisper "I want you, I desire you."

    My hand slides down, cupping your firm breast in my hand, feeling your nipple straining against the fabric of your blouse.

    My lips find your once more, taking you in, fervently exploring yours with my tongue. Delicate moans escape your lips as we part briefly only to draw you back to my lips once more.

    I undo the buttons of your blouse, slipping my hand inside now only the silky fabric of your bra between my hand and your breast.

  4. I catch my breath as I feel your strong hand cup my breast and massage me softly. Your mouth continues to cover mine as I reach down and slide my blouse off.

    You pull back and smile. "very nice" you whisper, as you move your lips down my neck and down the front of my body.

    You rest my body back on the couch as you lay on top of me, kissing my chest. You unfasten the front of my bra, releasing my chest from it's restraint. You then take my breasts in your hands and massage them firmly. You smile at me as you then lower your face to me and tease me. You tease my nipples with your hot tongue, causing me to squirm.

    I raise my hands above my head as you continue to tempt me. "you like this don't you," you ask, as you slowly pinch and twist my hard nipples in your firm fingers. I moan softly and nod.

    Together we are on the couch, I am only in my skirt and you are in your robe, over me, as I am stretched out along the cushions.

  5. I suckle your breast deeply taking it firmly in my mouth, my tongue flicking over your erect nipple. MY hand caresses your other breast teasing it with my hand, pinching and playing with your nipple.

    You moans increasing as I draw your breast fulling into my mouth sucking hard, biting your nipple.

    Your hands on my head holding me to you as your body arches in delight.

    I feel your heat through my robe, your skirt, a deep burning desire.

    "I want to taste you, to drink your nectar".

  6. "Yes" I whisper, as you hungrily suck my breasts. I can feel my body longing for you.

    I let my legs fall open, as you lay within me.

    You lift your body up and kneel between my thighs. You slowly work my skirt up around my waist. "Pretty" you say, with a smile, as you run your fingers over the front of my thong.

    My body dances under your touch. "I'm not sure what I should do next, " you say, with a smile. "I think I need to make sure you are true" you say, taking my hands and pulling me up.

    You help me to stand beside the couch. "Would you like some more wine before we continue?" You ask.

    ""Yes please" I say, as you pour me some more wine. We stand beside the couch. As I drink my wine, you slide my skirt down to the floor, leaving me in my thong.

    I sip my wine as you slide my skirt down. You then kneel before me, your face near my pussy. I glance down as your hands your hands touch me, one hand on my ass cheek, one hand playing with my thong.

    Your fingers pull my panties aside, the other hand squeezes my ass, as you move your face to my exposed pussy.

  7. Pausing as I draw near you, I breathe in your sweet scent. My tongue lightly traces your moist slit, so smooth and soft. As my tongue parts your lips I get my first taste of you.

    I cover your pussy with my mouth, sucking on you as my tongue dances over your clit. My hand still firmly planted on your ass holding you to me as you gasp.

    Releasing my mouth from your pussy, my tongue circles your clit, first one direction, then another, occasionally I apply pressure against it with my tongue. your moistness grows as I lick, kiss and nibble your clit.

    I pull away briefly as I look up at you, your head back, lost in the moment. I pull your thong down to your ankles, you lift one foot then the other as I remove them from you.

    "Down on the couch." I tell you.

    You lay back as I grab your legs and spread them, I run my finger over your drenched pussy and bring it to your lips for you to taste. You eagerly lick your juices from my finger.

    I lean my head back down to your awaiting folds as my tongue once more finds your clit, this time I slip my finger inside you, as wet as you are my finger slips in quickly and deeply.

    Finding the spot I was looking for I begin wiggling my finger in a come here motion as I continue working your clit over with my tongue.

  8. I softly moan as you play with my body, teasing me, tempting me. I run my fingers through your hair as your face is buried deep. I can feel your breath on me, as your finger strokes me. My hips start to dance.

    "yes baby, that's it" you tell me as you look up with a smile. "does this feel good," you ask.

    I can't speak, my body is dancing and shaking. I arch my chest upward as you dive down one more time and I feel your tongue on my clit. I can feel your finger moving and stroking faster. I know what you are doing to me, but I have never had the pleasure of feeling this before. I never knew the feeling existed. You have found a spot within me that I never knew.

    I can feel my own juices on my body, running down my thighs, down my pussy. I can hear you tempting me and teasing me with your mouth, feeding on me. I can't help but moan loudly, my body arching, my nipples down firm and erect. I reach up and grab my own breasts, massaging them, squeezing them. I roll my nipples in my fingers.

    "oh yes, so sexy" you tell me, looking up with a smile as you watch me play with my breasts. "I love watching you touch yourself."

  9. I feel your tunnel tense around my finger, your moans increasing, your body writhing to my finger and tongue.
    The more you react to my ministrations the more it drives me on wanting more, needing more.

    A gush of your juices rushes forth from you soaking my hand, my chin, and yourself.

    Your moans now fill the room as your release of pleasure draws close. Your muscles tense around my finger as I keep up the steady motion, your pulling on your nipples stretching them.
    Your whole body arches up and your screams of delight fill the room.

    I slowly remove my finger as you lay on the sofa catching your breath. I move over top of you, lowering myself down to you. My swollen manhood pressing against you.
    I kiss you deeply, firmly, lips locked together hungrily.

    Breaking our kiss I whisper to you, "What do you want, say it, tell me what you want" nibbling on your ear, "I want to hear you tell me."

  10. "I want you," I say between breaths. I slide my hand down and take your firm cock in my hand. I tighten my fingers around you and guide you, as I raise my hips.

    "I want you to kiss me with a hunger of a wild animal, as you let me sit upon your lap, your body deep inside mind," I tell you.

    You smile at me as you sit up and sit on the couch.

    I get up from the cushions and crawl over to you, first bringing my face to your sword, dancing firmly in front of me. I run my tongue along your swollen shaft, breathing warmly on you.

    Your hands grab the cushions, in excitement.

    I sit up and smile at you. "I want you," I say, point blank, as I kneel over your lap and slowly lower my still-dripping pussy over your cock.

    I let my body drop all the way down, your bodies joined as one. You reach around and firmly grab my ass with your strong hands. I wrap my arms around you and start to kiss you. I let my breasts rub against your chest, as I slowly ride my body against yours.

    Your fingers tighten as I press myself tighter to you.

    Our kisses grow intense as my hips start to move faster and harder.

    I pull back slightly and you take my breasts in your hands and bring them to your mouth. You begin to feed more hungrily, as I can feel your body dancing inside me.

    I start to moan as I press my hips down tight to you. I grab the back of the cushion behind you and start to dance, my nipples still in your mouth.

    The faster my body dances, the louder I moan, harder you bite at me. I can hear your body moaning also.

    I suddenly feel your body explode inside mine and my body starts to quiver and shake. I let out a cry, as I shake and continue to ride.

    I feel the rush and then my body slowly drops, in exhaustion, to your sweat-covered chest.

    You brush the hair from my sweaty neck and kiss me tenderly. We don't speak a word as you wrap your arms around me and hold me close, your face in my neck, as we both catch our breath.

  11. I hold you to me, still wanting to feel myself inside you. Each of us tender to the slightest movement, yet loving the feeling of being joined.

    The heat of our passion emanating from us, our juices mingled and flowing freely between us.

    My hands rubbing your back as I nuzzle and kiss your neck. I move you back slightly as I gaze at your breast, I see the marks my teeth have left. My marks, showing you as mine.

    Our breathing slows as we catch our breath, joined as one.


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