Body is yearning

I came home from work and this has been a week of high stress, anxiety, angry, frustration, and all the other shit that goes along with it.

By body is exhausted, but for some reason, tonight, while watching tv and drinking a glass of wine, I could feel the craving of my body. My body wanted to be fed so bad. I wanted to be touched and held. I wanted to feel someone kiss me tenderly and stroke my cheek.

Instead, I got out one of my toys. Not the one I wanted, but it worked. I was able to release the stress and anxiety, feeling better.

But here I am...


  1. What to say? What to do? I've been watching, happy for you. You are so hot.

  2. Thank you for joining me.
    Tell me, what do you see?
    What do you find hot?
    Tell me more. Talk to me..,

  3. I stood in the shadows of the corner and watched him tie you up. He worked quickly. Not a word. I knew what was coming but wanted to see how. He grabbed you and put clamps on your breasts. I saw your breath catch. I wanted to touch you too.

  4. Were you standing there the whole time? You were watching? Did you enjoy? What did you enjoy the most? You wanted to touch me? Tell me more.


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