Shall we shop? Chapter 2 - Shopping is Done

You have lead me into a room, and have placed a blindfold over my eyes. I am lost, I don't know where I am or what to expect. I hear the door close behind us and you walk me into the room and bring me to a stop.

You raise my arms and fasten the leather cuffs to some type of hooks. My hands are restrained above me. I then feel you work my ankles outward slightly and then I feel you clip the ankle cuffs to restraints also. I am standing forward, in what feels to be an "x" position. From what I can feel against my front side, through the fabric of the corset and the thong, it feels like some type of cross.

This is all new to me. I don't know what to expect as I feel the coolness of the leather paddle touch my body. You move it along me, down my arms, down my back, up my legs, across my buttocks, even between my thighs, against my pussy.

"You are a very obedient little girl" you whisper, into my ear. I can feel your warm chest against my back, as you hand pats my ass. You then grab another toy. It feels like feathers, teasing me, tickling me.

I am yours, you have claimed me as such, and I am yours.You have me fastened to your cross, my body cuffed and restrained. I am dressed in your outfit, the lovely corset, the pretty gloves, the high stilettos, and then the matching collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs.

I am yours Sir.

Please sir, teach me. I am yours to mold in your strong hands.


  1. you submit to me little one, you now belong to me, body, mind, and soul.

    I put down the feather tickler and pick the paddle back up.

    Leaning in close to you in a husky whisper, "I'm going to paddle you now, 10 times will you be paddled, 5 on each cheek. Each time the paddle connects to you I want you to count. If you loose count I will start over."

    Again I gently rub the paddle over your ass on each side, then without warning I pull back and land a firm whack on your cheek.

    I hear you gasp as you say "One Sir"

    The second one lands on your other cheek as you count that one.

    Two more in quick succession land on each cheek and you keep count of each one.

    I pause briefly and I move closer to you, my hand moving between your legs as I run it along your slit. your moisture has soaked through your thong and wets my fingers.

    "It seems you like this little one" I say. "but I think there is something else that is needed."

    I move away and a moment later you feel my presence behind you again. you feel me move the thong back away form your lips exposing them to the air. I place a small object against them as I put the strip of the thong back in place to hold it in place.

    "A remote controlled butterfly little one" I whisper to you as I turn it on low. "you are not to cum until I say so, lets see what kind of control you have."

    Picking up the paddle I give each cheek another whack, when you count out loud the number is short of what it should be.

    "looks like I will have to start over" and I turn the power up to high on the butterfly.

  2. I know I am having a hard time focusing. The sting of the paddle on my buttocks still ring through my body. I try not to fight it, I know it will only change the outcome.

    I feel you move close and slide the toy inside me and then position my thong back to where it started. I feel it as the intensity starts slow. I clench my fists, against the feelings.

    Your leather paddle meets my flesh, and I can't clearly remember where I left of on counting. I do count, but I am wrong.

    "We need to start over" you tell me, as I feel the speed of the vibrations increase. This time I have to fight it. I want to give in so bad. I want to let out a scream, as I fight the sensations. I fight against the tightness of the cuffs.

    "stop squirming little one, and we can finish this," you whisper.

    "yes sir" I respond, clearly, respecting your authority.

    The paddle meets my ass, one cheek at a time. I carefully pay attention and count each smack.

    I count the spankings correctly, my ass is stinging from the leather. The soreness of my ass seems to overwhelming any other feeling.

    "such a good little one" you whisper, as I feel your warm hands rubbing the heated skin of my butt. "how does the butterfly feel," you ask, playing with the remote a little more.

    "good sir" I respond, starting to feel the vibrations getting through me. I struggle slightly, as the feeling fills me.

    The room is still dark, as the blindfold continues to cover my eyes. But I can hear my heartbeat filling my eyes, as my increased breathing fill the room.


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