Flash Fiction - Breakfast Surprise

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Flash Fiction Friday!

"Breakfast Surprise"

I got up early and couldn't help but start the morning right. I slowly crawled out of bed, but not before I turned and glanced at your sleeping body. Your tan muscles seeming without tension, as your head rests on the feather pillows against the headboard of the bed. I smile, thinking about last night... how you made me feel... how I made you feel... how we shared some VERY exciting moments. I didn't expect to have you here last night. It has been so long since we were together. You have been on the road and so busy with work. I thought, for sure, that you had moved on, after you moved up the corporate ladder. Oh sweetheart, I am so glad you came over last night, thank you. I lean over and brush your golden hair from your face, and let my hands caress your face. I get up and head to the kitchen, after wrapping a robe around my body and going to the kitchen. I move around quietly, trying to let you sleep. It doesn't take long before I hear you behind me. I spin around as you put your hands on my hips and whisper "good morning". The coffee is on and I turn the stove off, as you smile at me and take my hand. "we have some unfinished business baby, you know it's been such a long time we have had some time" and lead me back to the bedroom. We don't make it from the room before we are entwined in a heated kiss and your hands are caressing my whole body. We make it as far as the rug in the door, when we fall into a sexual, sensual, erotic ride. Nothing matters, no one matters, it's only the two of us, oh yes, just the two of us... until I can smell the coffee... Shit! I forget to put the pot under the filter... the coffee is hitting the warmer and dissipating into the air... filling the room with burnt coffee... oh hell, it's just coffee, I think to myself as you slide my robe off and lay me back on the floor... yep... to hell with the coffee...


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